Women’s Empowerment

Can something as small as a fetal doppler bring a sense of empowerment to women in rural Western Kenya?

American Airlines flight attendant volunteer Reni Roberts did just that — except she brought FOUR dopplers on a recent trip she was on.  Expecting mothers’ faces lit up as they heard first-hand the sound of their baby’s heartbeats!

Empowering expectant mothers and their soon-to-be-born babies is a priority for PH.  Through our Purple Slip Campaign, PH brings prenatal educational and training as the future of Kenya is born!

How do you bring sustainable change to rural Africa?  Project Humanity maintains an effective micro business strategy to help the women and widows of the communities we serve.  On Rusinga Island in the month of March, we delivered over 40 goats and more than 50 chickens to orphans.  Rowena Madden is one of the volunteers who helped make this happen.  Rowena, we are proud of you and our other flight attendant volunteers who are changing the world!

Katie Chapman, nursing student from Angelo State University, recently served on Rusinga Island, Kenya and in addition to helping at the medical clinic, she also helped deliver goats and chickens in an on-going strategy with Project Humanity.

One of the schools PH enthusiastically supports on Rusinga Island is Kaswanga Girls School.  PH volunteer JoAnn uses her skills as a fitness and health coach to challenge the young ladies to be aware that keeping their minds and bodies fit is extremely important!

PH is looking for team participants who are wanting to make an impact on the world while embracing personal growth and development simultaneously.  Especially in the area of women’s empowerment!   If you’re looking for a mentored approach to humanitarian service, why not join ph?