We need you! And our friends in Africa do too!

We’re looking for ordinary people to help us continue on our extraordinary journey to make a difference in the world.  Four years ago the founder of Project Humanity, Darren Tipton, followed his calling to start an organization with the simple idea that by identifying small projects that can be completed by groups of energetic volunteers, within five years sustainable change could be achieved.  Like many of the high-tech start-ups you have probably heard about, Project Humanity was similarly born through the belief and commitments of friends and family.  From the seed of a single idea and through the sweat of commitment, Project Humanity is now into year two of its five-year commitment on Rusigna Island in Kenya.  In 2013, Project Humanity was the recipient of a Chase Community Giving Grant and we have been working hard to put the funds work to promote better health for expectant mothers through the Purple Slip Campaign.  We’re providing continued learning for youth through our International Leadership Academy, and we’re in the early stages of implementing a micro-finance program to help women start and own small businesses.

The work we’re doing is only made possible because of people like you.  Regardless of your background or skills, of your social or income status, of your age, gender, race, social orientation, or religious affiliation, we have a job for you.  Project Humanity volunteers have included students, nurses, missionaries, first responders, educators, pilots, flight attendants, executives, and yes, even our moms!  We need you, so come get involved.

Join a Trip

Project Humanity makes several trips a year to Rusinga Island, Kenya.  These trips generally last 7-10 or 10-18 days and provide opportunities for volunteers to become fully immersed in the community on Rusinga Island.   Volunteer trips are designed to be fun, engaging, and provide plenty of opportunities to work in the local schools, clinics, and community at large.  Smiles and hugs are in huge demand on the island, so if you have an abundance of these, there is a job waiting for you.  You can learn more about our volunteer trips by clicking on the “join a trip” button on our home page.

Support a Volunteer or a Project

As is the case with most things in life, even international volunteerism has a price.  The people of Kenya cannot afford to feed and host us, so volunteers making trips overseas are required to shoulder the burden of paying for travel, lodging, food, and other supplies.  Nearly all of these fees are covered through fundraising. And even though no U.S. member of the staff has taken a salary from the organization since it was started, Project Humanity also has to fundraise to cover the costs associated with operating the web site and performing other business-required functions.  Through your generous donation you can support a volunteer or the organization in its fundraising efforts.  Project Humanity is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible.

Help Spread the Message or Join our Team

If you believe in what we’re doing, you can get involved by helping to spread the word about our mission and our founder’s passion.  You can “like us” and get daily updates, view videos, and follow the journeys of our staff and volunteers on Facebook or via Twitter.  Photos are being posted regularly on Pinterest.  We’re also looking for passionate people to join our staff or our board of directors.  You can tell us how you want to get involved or ask questions via e-mail at info@projecthumanity.com