January 27, 2018, Key West, FL

Just five months after Project Humanity helped to open 34 libraries in southwest Kenya the impact is being noted – and changing lives.

In June 2017, and in partnership with the African Library Project (ALP) and Rongo University, 34,000 library books were delivered to Homa Bay and Migori counties near Lake Victoria.  Here is one measure of the impact according to Abbas Swaleh who is helping to coordinate the program: It is the habit of fishing families to move constantly to follow the swarms of fish.  This means the children are constantly changing schools and disrupting their education.

Boys reading at Dr. Williams school on Rusinga Island, Kenya

Now, some parents are deciding not to move because their children’s school has improved: it has a library with books!

In these same fishing villages, the young boys used to rush home after school to clean boats for money and to fish, but now they are staying at school to read.  Also significant, girls, who are often marginalized, are spending more time at school reading.

Project Humanity, ALP, and Rongo are now getting ready to send enough books for 60 more libraries which will be delivered this June.  To our donors and volunteers who are helping to host book drives, collect and deliver books, and travel to Kenya, we want to say thank you!  Your ARE making a difference!