July 19, 2016  Project Humanity launched its Purple Slip Campaign (PSC) in May 2013, as a comprehensive program focused on prenatal care and healthy deliveries. One of the features of the PSC program is providing critical training to clinical officers and delivery staff in the Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) training (developed by Laerdal Medical and the American Academy of Pediatrics).

markFocusing on the first sixty seconds of a baby’s life, HBB training equips clinical officers on how to perform critical maneuvers to open the infant’s airway and lungs while establishing a clear path for air exchange. This training is important in an area where reliable electricity is sporadic and expectant mothers chose between delivering at home with traditional birth attendants or delivery with medical professionals in skilled medical facilities.

Kay McInnes, RNC created and developed the Purple Slip Campaign, “HBB is a key component of delivery readiness. If the clinical officer and delivery staff are equipped to utilize these skills, the mothers can confidently chose to deliver in the government medical facility and to be assured that the staff can handle difficult deliveries.”

Last week, key Project Humanity staff did unannounced inspections of the facilities that are PSC certified and all of the facilities passed the inspections. Key components of the inspections include: cleanliness and readiness of all supplies and equipment, proper storage of equipment, accurate and up-to-date record keeping and a sterile delivery area.

“Sustainability of the program is important as evidenced by procedures and protocols being followed and by assuring new staff are adequately trained as they come into the facility,” said McInnes.

For more information on the Purple Slip Campaign, please visit our website: projecthumanity.com or email Kay@projecthumanity.com