Fund a Library – 12 Month $35 Reoccurring Donation

Fact: Most grade schools in Kenya do not have a general reading library.

For $35 a month for 12 months you can help open a 1,000 book library in Kenya. After you make your initial donation of $35 we’ll send you an authorization form for the subsequent payments.   Thank you!

Your gift covers the costs of importing and shipping books across Kenya.  It also enables for teacher librarian training and ongoing assessment and reporting.  Every school receiving a library is required to have a library committee who assume responsibility for taking care of the books, and for ensuring at least 1 hour a week is devoted to reading.  PH staff and volunteers make regular visits to schools to ensure the libraries are being maintained (and we can keep you in the loop as well).

Your gift will have a direct impact on the lives of hundreds of children in grades K-8 who attend each of the 60 schools scheduled to receive a library in 2018.



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