Donate to Open a Full Library

We helped to deliver 32 libraries in 2017; our goal is 60 in 2018.

Fact: Most grade schools in Kenya do not have a general reading library.

Your gift will cover the costs of importing and transporting a 1000-book library from Mombasa overland to Rongo . It will also provide for teacher librarian training at a school in Homa Bay and Migori counties near Lake Victoria.  Your gift will have a direct impact on the lives of hundreds of children in grades K-8 who attend each of the schools that receive a library.

Our literacy program is in partnership with the African Library Project and Rongo University.  Each school receiving a library is required to have a library committee comprised of parents, school officials, and community leaders who assume responsibility for receiving and taking care of the books, and for ensuring at least 1 hour a week is devoted to promoting reading.

Project Humanity volunteers make regular visits to schools to ensure the libraries are being maintained and used in accordance with partnership standards.


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