July 3, 2018 Key West, FL

Project Humanity, in partnership with the African Library Project and Rongo University, has completed the delivery of 64 additional libraries in Homa Bay and Migori counties in southwest Kenya. The total number of 1000-book libraries now opened in Kenya is 98. During its most recent trip, which concluded on July 3, twenty-two volunteers traveled to Kenya and Zambia where they had an extraordinary time meeting with school children, unpacking library books, and meeting with various women’s and other groups to become familiar with their issues and to learn about African culture.

Several of the volunteers on the trip had been involved in assisting to collect library books through various book drives that were held in the U.S. in 2017, so the trip represented a unique opportunity to participate fully in the journey seeing first hand how 64,000 books make their way from an American home to a child’s hands in Kenya where access to general reading books is limited.

“Through our mission of women’s empowerment through literacy, health care, and micro finance, we were excited and blessed to be able to provide this unique opportunity for volunteers to get to know Kenya and Zambian culture” said Darren Tipton, CEO and founder. “Traveling great distances is never easy. This was our best volunteer trip ever and we’re thankful to all those who made the commitment to travel with us as well as those who provided support and other services.”