January 22, 2017   Project Humanity (PH) is pleased to announce that it will be the subject of an institutional effectiveness study to be completed by doctoral students at Virginia Tech.  The study is being conducted by Jeremy Elliott-Engel, Jessica Deslauriers, and Lane Woodward as part of a doctoral program with Virginia Tech’s Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education.

At the core of the study will be an analysis of Project Humanity mission and how it’s primary programs in the areas of health, literacy, finance and international volunteerism are achieving the goal of promoting women’s empowerment in Kenya.   The study will be conducted over a month period beginning in January 2017.

Project Humanity is beginning its fifth year of working with the local community on Rusinga Island in southwest Kenya.  Since 2012 the Purple Slip Campaign, has encouraged over 550 women to see prenatal care and deliver their baby in a local clinic.  PH has also sponsored microfinance training for small business owners.  Additionally, and in partnership with Rongo University and the African Library Project, PH is assisting to open 34 school and community libraries in 2017 with an additional 60 planned in 2018.

“Through the work of our volunteers and partners, we’re proud of the work that has been accomplished to date and we’re looking forward to outcome of the effectiveness study that Jeremy, Jessica and Lane will be conducting” said Darren Tipton, Founder and CEO of Project Humanity.