July 19, 2018 Key West, FL

Today PH announces that after completing its five-year commitment to volunteerism on Rusinga Island in southwest Kenya, it has made the decision to discontinue its volunteer-driven programs in Africa.

“In 2013, after our first visit to Rusinga, we made a decision to do what we could to support women’s empowerment in Kenya over a five-year period” said Darren Tipton, CEO and founder of Project Humanity. Since its founding as DoMissions nearly 20 years ago, and over the most recent five-year period, hundreds of volunteers from around the U.S. and Canada traveled with Project Humanity to Botswana, Kenya, and Zambia to assist women in the areas of prenatal care, micro finance, and literacy. During this time over 1,200 women and babies were assisted, financial assistance and training was provided to 19 small businesses, and in partnership with the African Library Project and Rongo University, ninety-eight 1000-book libraries were opened. This is in addition to the many micro-projects we did along the way that hundreds of volunteers, both at home and overseas, contributed to – making the story of the communities we worked in all the richer and more hopeful.

The decision to discontinue volunteerism came about after a careful review of the costs and other requirements which are a necessary part of traveling and doing work abroad. The review determined that the program was unsustainable for another five years. To all of our supporters we say thank you and we’re proud of the work that was accomplished during our time in Africa. We’re also pleased that we were able to share the African experience with so many volunteers.

Despite discontinuing volunteerism overseas, Project Humanity, however is not discontinuing its mission. We’re actively working to find new and creative opportunities to spread the call of service to others, and to create greater awareness about Kathatica – The Infinite Impact of Service here at home in the U.S.

Stay tuned!