Key West, FL, January 20, 2018
On behalf of the teachers and kids at the schools in southwest Kenya where we work, Project Humanity is pleased to give a big shout out and thank you to Shanthiya Balachandran and the students at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada! 
Shanthiya is the president of a student organization called Cupcakes For A Cause (CFAC) and we’re honored to be a part of their story.

Each semester, CFAC focuses on helping a non-profit organization, and this term they focused on helping Project Humanity and our partnership with African Library Project and Rongo University. Normally, CFAC aims at raising money for animal shelters, but this term CFAC wanted to do something different, and they were drawn to our goal of opening school libraries in Western Kenya.

CFAC’s objective is to raise funds through bake sales to support the efforts of non-profit organizations. However, unlike some other bake sales, all the cupcakes, cookies, and brownies are made from scratch by club members, donated, and then sold at on campus.

When the fundraiser started, people were excited to be part of this amazing cause, and therefore, everyone pushed themselves to make it as successful as possible.  There were a few challenges in the process:  it was a little difficult to get everyone to bake enough to sell and it was challenging to find enough volunteers to work the table.  However, CFAC members were motivated and keen to help the children in Kenya and to help PH reach its goal of delivering 63,000 books in 2018.

CFAC’s original goal was $300, but they blew past it and raised an exciting $635!

While CFAC regularly raises funds to support animal shelters, this project got a lot of attention and support. In fact, some students would pass by and donate money without wanting to get a cupcake in return.

So from a motivated and daring group of bakers on campus in Canada, Shanthiya would like to say this to the children in Kenya: “I really hope you enjoy your new library space, and have so much fun reading the books, and exploring them. I want to personally thank you for allowing us to help, and hope that we made a small difference. Thank you once again, and enjoy your new library!”

The efforts of CFAC a great example of Kathatica™ in action – The Infinite Impact of Service.  And, for those who have supported the efforts with generosity, it also left them with some sweets on their palate!  We’re looking forward to sending photos to CFAC and the students of Concordia University in June of the new libraries they helped to open.