Medical Videos

Project Humanity is calling out those who want to use their training and skills to help save lives and bring urgent care to the rural Western Kenyan island of Rusinga Island.

We’re proud of those who have served with us — and challenge you to take a step of faith and join us in our five-year commitment to bring sustainable change!

One of the most pressing needs Project Humanity addresses through our work on Rusinga Island, Kenya is quality medical care.  We salute those who have served through Project Humanity to meet this need and to continue to do the inward work of growing to a committed humanitarian.

Project Humanity volunteers have the opportunity to assist with delivery.  Helping birth healthy babies is a life-changing experience.  What as PH Team Leader, JoAnn heads to assist with delivery!

Project Humanity is committed to bringing greater medical access and quality of care to rural Western Kenya.  Not only does it take committed medical professionals lending their training and skills to bring about change, PH is constantly challenging non-medical professionals to bring their passion to bear on this mammoth challenge.

In 2004, the Embassy of Japan built a medical facility near Rusinga Island, Kenya.  In March, 2014, Project Humanity brought the supplies and manpower to officially open the clinic.

If you work in medicine and want to help bring access to quality health care to Rusinga Island, join us today!

If you are a medical or nursing student and are looking for a place to use your new training and skills in Africa, bring your passion on a Project Humanity trip and be energized to make your career count!