Others that Inspire Us!

Running a volunteer organization requires passion, dedication and sacrifice.  We worry about funding, how to get the word out, effectiveness, and are frequently asked: “is it worth it?”  We believe deeply in our own mission (and yes, it’s worth it!).  We are also inspired by others.  Every day we hope to give further voice to the cause of international volunteerism and to organizations like our own that are seeking to effect change.  So whether it’s through Project Humanity or another organization, step out, and donate your voice!


African Library Project –  Get this: 1,333,000 books and 1,228 African libraries.  That’s how many books and libraries the African Library Project has helped to start and resource in 10 African countries like Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, and Zambia.  As a huge supporter of education, Project Humanity applauds the work of the African Library Project.

CTC International –  Comfort the Children International works alongside Kenyan communities to provide resource to create sustainable change.  Based in Austin, Texas, CTC employs over 75 local Kenyans and serves over 60,000 residents of the Maai Mahiu in the Rift Valley.  CTC’s focus is on building relationship and initiating development projects in the areas of education, environment, economy, and health and community development.

Asante Africa Foundation –  PH is a huge supporter of education.  So is the Asante Africa Foundation, which is working in southwest Kenya and Tanzania to provide sustainable and comprehensive solutions to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged children.

Aspire Kibera – Based in the UK, Aspire Kibera has initiated a sanitary napkin project for women and girls in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya.  In an area where every Kenyan shilling counts, girls are forced to make a choice between supporting a family, going to school, or purchasing such “luxuries” as sanitary items.  It costs just $3 a month, or $36 a year to provide sanitary pads for a year.

#MenstrationMatters –  The UN estimates that one in ten girls in Africa will drop out of school as a result of missing days during their period, while in India, 66% of girls’ schools do not have a working toilet.  Project Humanity supports the efforts of charities including WaterAid, Save the Children, the Institute of Reproductive Health, 50 Cents Period, and Menstrual Hygiene Day, as well as the hashtag ‪#‎MenstruationMatters  And we’re looking do what we can do on the subject in Kenya through our own women’s empowerment and small business ownership efforts.

Shifting Ground – PH staff visited the Kibera slum in Nairobi this past March to look at a micro-finance project being run at a school.  Kibera can be described as a nation within a nation, were 1.5 million people live, and few ever leave.  Shifting Ground is a documentary that takes a cross-generational look at what it means to be a woman in Kibera, a place wrought with poverty, disease, and violence.  Watch the trailer.

Africa Education Trust – Project Humanity supports the efforts of the AET which works in areas of eastern Africa affected war and conflict to support education for the most excluded groups including those in South Sudan.