Community Development

Clean water is a rare commodity on Rusinga Island, Kenya.  Project Humanity is committed to bringing sustainable solutions that will allow the residents to have clean drinking water.

Clean water is the source of life and sustainably bringing it allows for residents to live free of many diseases and challenges.

When working to develop community spirit and a sense of caring among families with grade-school children, laughter and fun are important!

PH is committed to helping bring lasting change to Rusinga Island as we start our second year on the Island.

Drug and alcohol abuse occur everywhere.  PH is committed to bringing the message of hope and help to those on Rusinga Island who struggle with addiction.  In conjunction with our medical program on the island, every-day people are helping change lives and hearts!

THE FARM: PH sponsored farm is growing and developing. PH volunteer Deb Kinsley delivered a huge supply of different veggie seeds last week!   One of Project Humanity’s priorities is helping to discover sustainable solutions to combating systemic poverty.

Project Humanity has been working on Rusinga Island, Kenya for one year.  Over that year, we have begun to see marked changes in our projects that affect the community there.

There is a rising sense of hope and partnership developing.  Why not join us as we spend the next four years combating systemic poverty together?

Project Humanity is committed to developing sustainable solutions to combat systemic poverty.  We are honored to be able to learn from other organizations who are already successful with similar endeavors.

In this video, we visit Transform A Person Africa (TAPA) and see just what can happen when great people like arms and are determined to make a difference to combat systemic poverty.