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I am Audrey Juliani, currently a 6th grade English Language Arts and Science teacher at Barranca Mesa Elementary in Los Alamos, New Mexico. A native of New Mexico, I have been a public school teacher in the state for twenty-four years. I live in the mountains of northern New Mexico with my wonderful husband, and our two dogs, Princeton and PJ. Being a teacher is who I am and what I have always wanted to be.  My main objectives are to inspire the learning of content as well as the development of skills necessary for students to explore the world, expand their knowledge, and draw intelligent conclusions independently.  My favorite part of teaching is seeing students grow in their knowledge, confidence, and desire to learn.  I genuinely love teaching.  I strive to make a positive impact each day in the classroom, and do what it takes to help my students be successful. I found Project Humanity through a former teaching colleague, Sharon Allen, who informed our district about her mission and before I knew it, I wanted to be part of this literacy project in Africa.  I am very passionate about helping all children, and expanding educational opportunities is an endeavor close to my heart.  Most children in the world are not as fortunate to have the resources and opportunities that many in this country do, and this is an arena in which I believe I can contribute.

I am very excited to be going to Kenya and to be helping to be helping to open libraries for so many children.

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