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Our work on Rusinga Island is well-established so this is an exciting opportunity to further our emphasis healthy choices and to providing dental care to the most vulnerable. As such we’re looking for volunteers with a passion for discovery, and with the social and professional skills necessary to work with the community to help strengthen our programs in Kenya. We’re looking for those with delivery or midwifery experience and for those with dental licensure (either as a dentist or dental hygienist).

As part in Kenya we will be working on the following:

– Provide dental care and cleaning to children on Rusinga and the surrounding islands.
– Visit local schools and provide instruction on dental hygiene.
– Visit our local hospital partners to audit their Purple Slip Campaign program books and preparations. Also, we will be following up on previous training regarding the PSC (Helping Babies Breathe).
– Make an initial visit to Takawiri island to expand the footprint of our work in prenatal care.

We’re looking for 10-12 volunteers to make this 10-day journey.  This is a great opportunity to travel to a part of Africa on the shores of Lake Victoria and to work on a project for a short period of time that will result in making a major difference in the lives of those involved.


We will be a team of approximately 12-15 participants, a mix of people from all walks of life. To give you a better idea of our working itinerary, this schedule will demonstrate an estimated plan (please remember that schedules, locations, trip features and assignments can change without notice).

March 10, 2017:  Depart from international gateway city (JFK, MCO, IAD, DFW, MIA or other*) for afternoon transatlantic departures with connection on to Nairobi, Kenya. *International gateway city will be determined at least 45 days prior to departure.

March 11, 2017: After the overnight flight, await connecting flights to Nairobi, Kenya. After going through immigration, customs and exchanging funds for our trip, we shuttle over to our hotel and and initial orientation.

March 12, 2017: After spending the night and getting a brief orientation to Kenya we’ll travel overland to Rusinga Island.  As you make the drive you’ll experience the chaotic traffic of Nairobi, see the Great Rift Valley, and drive through the coffee and tea growing highlands, and gain an appreciation for Kenya’s vast diversity.

March 13, 2017:  Wake up before the sun comes up and set out for Signal Hill for a breath taking sunrise. As the sun comes up, our hearts and minds unite to what we are observing: the Rusinga Island community waking up. Watch as children get the family animals out to be fed, listen as nature “wakes up” and close your eyes to find you are in a familiar place (new to you, but peaceful and warm). YOU ARE IN AFRICA!  Today will be spent:

Showers and Breakfast:  after a breathtaking sunrise hike up Signal Hill, return to host hotel for a refreshing shower and warm breakfast.
Morning Meditation and Service Assignments:  We will break up into our teams and meet to talk about the day’s activities.
Kenya and Rusinga Orientation.  Our Kenyan staff will be excited to show you some of the history, customs and culture that make Kenya what it is.  Bring your notebook and camera for some beautiful scenery and a unique educational opportunity!
– Lunch and exciting debriefings about the morning’s activities.
– Afternoon Planning and Service Site Orientation.

March 14-16: Dental care and instruction begin and carry on every day. Prenatal Campaign swings into full motion. Special activities planned for the team and Kenyan staff will give you insight into life on this beautiful island.

Travel to Takawiri Island to meet local leaders, visit schools and extend the dental education and care. The short boat ride takes us to this beautiful island where our work continues.

March 17, 2016:  Final full day on Rusinga is our day to enjoy Rusinga Island Lodge reflecting on our experiences. There are no words to describe the freedom and reward you will feel to be in what is potentially the most beautiful sunset in the world. We’ll share about our experiences around the evening camp fire and talk about the things we have experienced and learned. It’s a nostalgic experience in such a beautiful place. These are the times our souls long for – the sense of purpose and inspiration from a life lived with purpose.

March 18, 2016: Early morning departure from host hotel. We will make the beautiful drive from Rusinga Island to Nairobi for an afternoon safari at Nairobi Game Park. After our time at Nairobi Game Park, we check in for our overnight flights headed towards home.

March 19, 2016: After arriving in our transit cities, we connect to onward US flights. Once we have arrived, we go through customs for our connecting flights where our team will go our separate ways.

Fees and Travel Details:

Donation Fees: $3,395

Fees includes:
International airfare from gateway city (New York – JFK, Washington D.C.- IAD, Orlando – MCO, or Miami – MIA), all in-country transportation, most meals at service site (except meals in-transit to and from service site), housing, project costs, some supplies needed while on the field, and insurance.

A small percentage of the fees also assist to cover overhead and to maintain our operations both in Africa and in the U.S.

Fees do not include:
U.S. domestic airfare to gateway city (JFK, IAD, MCO or MIA), Kenya VISA fee, tips for guides, drivers and house keeping, in-transit snacks, and some group supplies.

All donations made to Project Humanity are tax deductible and non-refundable.

Important Deadlines:
Initial deposit donation of $350 at registration.
First donation payment of $1,545 due on or before December 1, 2016.
Second and final donation payment of $1,500 due on or before January 30, 2017.

Who Should Volunteer:

We’re looking for volunteers who have a background in the dental and medical fields or who just have a desire to help others.  This is a great opportunity to travel to a part of Africa on the shores of Lake Victoria and to work on a project for a short period of time that will result in making a major difference in the lives of those involved.

For more information:

Phone: 305-615-6100

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