Hailey Pirc McDowell


My name is Hailey McDowell.  I am a ski racer, flutist, and full-time reader. I also play roller derby. Travelling has always been in my blood, maybe because I have traveled out of the country almost every year for as long as I can remember because my mom’s whole family lives in Slovenia. I’m a 7th grader at Los Alamos Middle School, and last year, Mrs. Allen introduced the African Library Project to me through a few school book drives. I was immediately interested. These days, I am doing a Passion Project as part of my GATE curriculum. I am studying Rusinga Island, life and education there, and how ordinary people can help and make a big difference. I am really excited to gain a bit of experience volunteering in developing countries, and I hope to help make a difference in the lives of the children on Rusinga, to change the world, even if it is on a relatively small scale.