Darren Tipton

Daren Tipton

Darren Tipton first began working with humanitarian projects in 1990 when he participated in a beach ministry project transporting intoxicated students who were on spring break at South Padre Island, TX.  He made his first overseas humanitarian trip to Kenya in 1996.  He has coordinated collegiate leadership development initiatives for National Collegiate Ministry, with the Southern Baptist Convention, and he coordinated leadership-training events for new volunteers for the North American Mission Board for nine years.  In 1997, he founded DoMissions, an organization focused on cooperative multi-denominational ministry in Africa and Eastern Europe.  In 2010, DoMissions was renamed Project Humanity and its mission was redefined to what it is today.  Connect with Darren on Facebook.

Darren has traveled extensively and led teams to such countries as South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Poland, Botswana, Zambia, Zanzibar and Malta.  He holds a B.S. in Public Relations from West Texas State University, and an M.A. in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Darren is a member of the National Speakers Association and challenges collegian and adult volunteers from all walks of life to contribute their passion and skills to impact communities.  He is the inspiration of the volunteer mobilization resource: “Kathatika” – -a call to volunteerism that brings personal awareness of the infinite impact volunteer service can have.

He is co-author of the community-based engagement curriculum of Story to Service, and the founder of the weekday blog:  The Infinite Impact of Service, which  helps overwhelmed and often discouraged but aspirational leaders to find clarity, confidence, and meaningful tools needed to bring systemic change to Africa and other developing areas.  You can also catch him regularly as a cast member on the Everyday Mindfulness Show.

You can contact Darren via e-mail at darren@projecthumanity.com