Kirsten Evans

Kirsten Evans
Kirsten Evans has been volunteering for Project Humanity for four years.  She joined the organization with a background in counseling and has experience with assisting in the recovery of burn survivors both physically and mentally.
Kirsten has 20 years of experience in dealing with the best and worst of humanity, and is capable of diffusing most any volatile situation at high altitudes with grace and humor.  She is a skilled public speaker, having spoken to millions of captive passengers as a Purser with American Airlines.  Her improve abilities are akin to none other, and she delivers a flawless performance on each flight.
The work that Kirsten does with Project Humanity highlights women’s empowerment. She has spoken to hundreds of women in developing countries about unifying their hearts and resources to help end poverty, and the dependence on outside sources for survival. Outside of developing countries, Kirsten speaks about the infinite impact of service work, a concept that is called Kathatica.
Kirsten is also a writer and spiritual healer who practices a holistic approach to healing and processing trauma.

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