Kay McInnes, RNC

Kay McInnes, RNC

Meet the Purple Slip girl.  Kay has been a labor and delivery nurse for over 20 years.  Her passion is working with pregnant women to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery of their new baby.

In addition to her work as a RNC (Registered Nurse, Certified), she served for six years as a board member for an international non-profit Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance (PLIDA) which works to train healthcare providers in the care of families after the death of a baby. She is a facilitator for Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) and Essential Care for Every Newborn and has been working to provide HBB training to healthcare professionals in the clinics in where Project Humanity has a relationship.

Kay and her husband, Mac, have also worked in relief work serving after Hurricane Katrina occurred and also after the tornado destroyed parts of Joplin, Missouri, and community projects through their church in Albuquerque New Mexico.

After her first visit to Kenya in March, 2013, Kay’s heart was moved at the lack of basic supplies for delivery and for the moms who struggle so profoundly.   As a result of her trip in March, Kay began collecting supplies over that will help with the labor and delivery ward.  Additional, Kay created The Purple Slip Campaign, an initiative to collect desperately needed baby and new mother items for those who are served through the Tom Mboya Medical facility.  This is a program she continues to develop.

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You can contact Kay at Kay@projecthumanity.com