Rusinga Island, Kenya
June 14, 2017

Project Humanity has successfully completed the delivery of 32,000 library books to rural Western Kenya.  Delivered to 32 public schools, the library books provide some of the first general reading libraries to schools in the region.

“The project shows that when we work together, anything can be accomplished,” said Darren Tipton, Founder and CEO of the organization.  “It was a team effort.  Our dynamic partnerships with African Library Project and Rongo University paved the way for our success.”

The books were collected across the United States through African Library Project’s efforts to bring 1000 book libraries to schools across Africa.  Local volunteers collected the books through book drives and the books were put on a boat destined for Mombasa, where Project Humanity took over the ensure the delivery to Western Kenya.

In addition to delivering books, Project Humanity volunteers met with school officials and conducted site visits for libraries to be delivered next year.  “Hundreds of school-aged students will now be able to read about the world and expand their use of the English language,” said Ted Okatch, in-country coordinator for Project Humanity.  “In 2018 we hope to deliver 60 libraries of 1000 books each.”

If you would to get involved in hosting a book drive or volunteering on a Project Humanity team, go to for more information (or email Darren Tipton  (